Thursday, August 27, 2009

The road from our view

This week on the road proved to be very interesting. It is always an honor to head out into the world and do the work we do. But being the sarcastic yet sentimental gals we are we captured a few of our favorite moments to share with you. In a perfect world we would travel the nation as one big sexually empowered posse but until Kel and I get the mac daddy tour bus that we dream about or I fulfill my desire to own an RV we will have to keep you posted via the blog.

So, it all started when we got in our rental car and our good friends at Avis apparently got the party started without us. No hard feelings folks we were working that day.

Onto lunch with Aunt Vicky at the Farm Basket in Lynchburg.

One of our favorite things to do as we travel is to support local restaurants, sampling authentic regional cuisine and meeting the townies. On a perfect day we combine this experience with friends and/or family. As we rolled through Virginia we were so fortunate to have lunch with my awesome aunt and cousin at an amazing Lynchburg establishment. In addition to great food, there are several boutiques at The Farm Basket where any passionate shopper could easily do some serious damage. I think we could cure some economic woes if we sent more people through this lovely spot.

Kelly and I are really into signs. I take my fortune cookies seriously and we look for meaning all around us. So you can imagine how funny we thought this sign was...

Restrooms are not a complementary service? Who knew? Can you imagine what it was like before they decided to move towards "a superior customer experience"?

While the cases of beer, wonderful lunches and signs that make no sense amuse and entertain us they are just the sprinkles on our sundae. Because of the three campuses we visited this week we were humbled by stories of courage, excited by the many commitments to address violence and touched by the sincerity of others. Every stop on this fall tour and the preceding tours is fueled by the men and women we meet; the students, the faculty and staff who believe that change is possible and together we can reduce sexual violence. Thank you for making us so rich with what matters.



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