Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Get your learn on in NYC

If you're in the NYC area this summer you may want to check out this upcoming workshop provided by the folks at SAFER. Free stuff is good and knowledge is power my friends. Check it out!

FREE Teach-In: Improving College Sexual Assault Policies
Hosted By:
Students Active for Ending Rape SAFER
When: Wednesday Aug 13, 2008 at 2:00 PM
Where: Students Active for Ending Rape, 25 Washington Street, Suite 411Brooklyn, NY
Description: Students Active for Ending Rape SAFER Improving College Sexual Assault Policies

What does your school do if someone is sexually assaulted on campus? Does it alert the community? What happens to the survivor? What if the perpetrator is another student? Does the school treat white survivors differently than survivors of color? What if the survivor is not a student?Most students don’t know the answers to these essential questions. The SAFER Teach-In will give you the information you need to begin improving your sexual assault policy. Participants learn to analyze a sexual assault policy with an experienced SAFER Trainer, and set goals for making improvements. The Teach-In is a first step toward creating an effective, meaningful response to sexual assault on your campus.

To register, call SAFER at 347-293-0953, or email organizers@safercampus.org and provide your name, the school you attend, and how you can be reached.Open to all college and graduate students! Especially useful for college interns in NYC for the summer.

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