Friday, August 22, 2008

Liberal Oasis!

Tim, Kelly, Jeff, Tonya, Becca and Ken
Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas is a liberal oasis indeed. The campus is progressive and the students are fabulous and for the most part pretty liberal...we felt right at home and had a blast hanging out with our new Hendrix homies (above).
Prior to the program we got to see a preview of the Shirt-Tales "dance off" event being held on campus next week and all we have to say is, look out Chris Brown. Those Hendrix kids have some ridiculous moves! Following our new friend and dance machine, Ken put some serious pressure on these two soul sisters but we got it together and had a great gig. A BIG thank you to Hendrix making our brief stay in Arkansas both meaningful and memorable.
Here's a little video blog action we felt compelled to share. It's a joke Kelly can actually remember...well sort of.

Brown Chicken- Brown Cow --courtesy of Tonya Hale.

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