Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marvelous Monday

Striking a pose after our session: Ginnie, Dr. Susan, Laymon, Emily, Issac, Kelly, Andrew

What a fabulous start to my week! Yesterday I got to spend the day with some of the most amazing, dynamic, talented and super fresh leaders in all of Florida. I met 32 of Florida's finest at the College Leadership Florida 2008 Conference (CLF). All the rival schools were there and always ready to represent, but this group of students turned into quite the family after an action packed week of leadership and learning. They even got to balance the state budget (look out Crist).
In addition to being surrounded by brilliant young minds and vibrant spirits, I had the chance to co-present a communication and leadership program with Dr. Susan Dellinger, creator of Psycho-Geometrics. Dr. Susan is a super sharp and incredibly talented speaker who happens to have one of the kindest and most genuine hearts of all the women I know. I am so lucky to call her a friend!
If yesterday was a glimpse of what this week will bring, I better fasten my seat belt and hold on tight!
Mad love and respect for CLF,

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