Monday, August 25, 2008


It was kind of lonely in Farmiville, VA as my partner in crime headed home for a couple of days to take care of family business. It's the 4th day of 9 days on the road for me but I'm feeling all kinds of energized. I got 9 fabulous hours of sleep last night (in a row), watched 2 hours of MSNBC this morning (with a little VH-1reality show action thrown in on commercial breaks), had a ginormous fresh veggie filled salad for lunch with my favorite southern beverage, sweet tea, and I met another group of amazing students at an orientation gig this evening. What a day! Another HUGE freshmen class, Longwood has 1040 incoming freshmen this year and I got to meet them all! The staff and students at Longwood are nice as can be and made me feel right at home. Thank you, thank you Longwood lovies!
I meet up with Becca in the great state of Texas tomorrow morning for a 4 day stretch of orientation programs. Orientation season has been terrifically splendid so far. We certainly are lucky gals!

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