Thursday, August 07, 2008

Which side is it on?

As most of you know our work takes us to all 4 corners of the country and every where in between. We fly many a plane and rent a lot of cars. I like to think that we're pretty hip to traveling and fortunately we've learned helpful tricks from colleagues, friends and professionals along the way to get us from place to place safely, quickly and peacefully while collecting as many frequent travel points as possible along the way! I learned something new this week and of course would like to share it with you my pretties.

One of our closest friends Anna (aka, AB which is short for Anna Banana) recently shared an awesome tip with us. Anna is a wise woman and imparts valuable knowledge upon us often and this was no exception.

How many of you have suffered through the annoying task of getting out of the car to pump gas only to find that you've pulled up to the wrong side of the pump? You jump back in the car and scoot around the gas station parking lot trying to maneuver the vehicle in what's generally an unusually awkward space. Me too!

The other day there were 4 of us packed into a car and we were pulling up to the gas pump island at the BP station wondering which side of the rental car the gas tank was on at which point our buddy Anna kindly pointed out the arrow that appeared on the dash board gas gauge. WOW!Who knew there was an arrow there? Not me! Thank you Anna for saving what used to be wasted seconds of our lives searching for the gas cap.

Above is a pic of the gas gauge of the Ford Edge I recently rented in New York. What a super sweet ride! I took the photo while pumping gas at a station in Queens. A gas station which was also a furniture store. No joke. I love New York!
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