Thursday, April 19, 2007

California....knows how to party.

In higher education there are certain folks who are something of an enigma. Really well known, liked and respected. This was the case as we approached UC Riverside and met up with "the" Doug Everhart. So we were a touch nervous as we cruised on campus.

During dinner we quickly recognized how he got such a image and why it was so well deserved.

Simply put, Doug is amazing.

He has unified his campus and created ways to educate a large portion of his student body on issues such as HIV, mental health, alcohol use and abuse and sexual violence. Not once in awhile but annually. His model is one we hope to share as a resource on Unite for Change.

Needless, to say we loved speaking both to and with the campus community. In addition to Doug we met many students and administrators who were also fantastic.

Thank you Doug and UC Riverside for allowing us to partner with you on Unite for Change and for creating a space where the message can be heard.

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