Sunday, April 08, 2007

Love the Joe and the Bil

We have these two amazing friends who are both so full of light and wisdom (in addition to being painfully funny and cool). Joe and Bil. So you can imagine how jazzed we were to have dinner with two of our favorite people in our hometown. After dinner we headed out for some infamous local pie and ice cream. The only hiccup was when I (an avid dog lover) chased after a loose pup in hopes of reunited it with it's family. Mission sadly was not accomplished.

Spending time with da' boys I am always amazed by their stealth wisdom and insight. Joe and Bil are incredible speakers and facilitators so if you have not checked them out please do so now (we will wait) at Highly recognized for their work, Joe and Bil are speaking out and educating students about heterosexual privilege and the joys and challenges they have shared over their almost 15 years together. It is a wonderfully honest approach to a important and timely issue. Kelly and I encourage any of you to give them a shout out or to invite them to your campus. They will not disappoint.

Becca (and Kelly)

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