Wednesday, April 25, 2007

St. Joseph's College of Maine

Check out the amazing view! We were in a wonderfully quaint room with a beautiful stone fire place and an absolutely gorgeous mountain/ lake view. (Above- Kelly and Megan strike a pose before the program) Megan is a student that we had the chance to meet when we were at St. Joe's last year and she is a super star with a capital "S" for sure. As the President for the Social Justice Club on campus she planned our visit, located and secured funding on campus to make it happen, advertised not only our featured session, but put on several other events to bring awareness on campus this week and did an amazing job with everything. Students like Megan are such an incredible inspiration to us. We had a fantastic time kick'n it with Megan and the other students tonight. A special thanks to Megan and the good folks of St. Joe's who showed us a rock'n good time in Standish.

K & B

P.S. Just wanted to share a little scoop we learned over casual dinner conversation...Megan's family lives on the same street as Patrick Dempsey! Apparently, he's from Maine and spends much of his time there. We are huge fans of Grey's of course adore Dr. McDreamy and also grew up on the classic flick- Can't Buy Me Love. L-o-v-e, love the Patrick.

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