Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Much fun at MIT

What a great night! We had a chance to kick it with some super smart students at MIT this evening. We knew we would be hanging out with highly intelligent folks, but had no idea how extremely cool they would be. We had a fabulous time!

I feel like like I cannot complete this Blog entry without mentioning the incredibly awesome shirt we came across while on campus. The MIT mascot happens to be the beaver...that alone is totally exciting, but wait until you hear about how the students learn to embrace their mascot from the start and express great beaver pride with a splash of excellent fashion sense. They have orientation t-shirts that say, "Love your Beaver!" I must admit, we were eager as a beaver to purchase one of these great T's for ourselves, but learned that the shirts have been discontinued. Perhaps they will make a comeback in the future? This sort of thing lands on the list of things worth waiting for.

We'd like to thank our MIT friends for the amazing hospitality and wonderful memories!

K & B

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