Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Oprah freakin' Winfrey show!

Ok, so we just had one of the coolest experiences ever! Our good pal from back in college is this TV rock star. Who happens to work for the Queen of all media- Ms. Oprah Winfrey. But our friend Bil, really rocked our world when he got us tickets to the show hooked us up with backstage passes. Yes, backstage passes.

Truly, we never felt so cool.

Bil is one of the original supporters of our work against sexual violence. He even helped us make our first promo video. Suffice it say, we have all come along way baby.

The taping was so much more exciting and overwhelming than we had expected. For many Americans chilling in a small studio (it is much smaller than appears on TV) with Oprah is like a Brit having tea with the Queen. Plus, her staff really pumps you up. They have truly created an experience for each audience member. If you ever have the chance to attend a taping. Jump on it!

After the buzz of the experience we have decided to attend as many talk show taping's as possible in the next year. We hope to post many exciting photos and adventures from this latest escapade of ours.

Again, we cannot thank Bil (and his divine bride) Nancy for all the hospitality, laughter and memories.

Becca and Kelly

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