Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cheese glorious cheese!

There is a reason why, when so many people think about Wisconsin, they think about cheese. It's everywhere! This week our travels took us to the famous cheese state and for the first time, we both expereinced a Wisconsin dairy tradition. We sampled cheese curds. Sounds kind of funky, I know. We were a little concerned and slightly afraid at first, but we found a superb cheese house in Northern Wisconsin and tasted the very best curds Wisconsin has to offer. At least that's what the nice lady at the counter told us. What is a cheese curd you ask? Well, we asked too! Cheese curds are the freshest cheese in its most natural form. Right after the dairy people separate the curds from the whey and before they shape, process and pack the cheese they set aside some creamy dairy goodness in the form of cheese clumps, which we fondly refer to as super fresh cheese nibbles. When they are ultra fresh and served in proper form (room temperature) they give a little squeak when you bite into them. Honest!

Cheese is everywhere you turn in Wisconsin, even the gas stations have a large a delicious assortment of cheese (pictured above). We could not believe all the Chevron station had to offer. Amazing!
Totally impressed by Wisconsin dairy,
K & B

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